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From: 21 October 2009
To: 23 October 2009
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Top Public Managers in Europe
18 September 2009
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16 September 2009
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19 August 2009
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26 July 2009
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06 April 2009


Apogee Essence Newsletter is a system for mass email posting. It gives the administrators the ability to manage various ready-to-be sent newsletters. It further also allows mass user email import assigned to specific user classes. Please note that there is no user limitation, either on send or on import.

Via a simple in-use interface, administrators are able to:

  • Manage a specific newsletter and relative information (text and photographs) attached to it. They can also be set to be sent to some groups of users at a specific time.
  • Manage mass or single import groups of, or specific user(s).
  • Creation of newsletters is achieved via an interface similar to Microsoft Word (WYSIWYG Visual Editor), which permits all common functionalities, even copy - paste of the information from MS Word to the interface.
  • A history of actions is always available to the administrators.



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