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26 July 2009
Project: Arvanitidis Winery


Half of Greece is on vacations and the other half is waiting for it's turn to come. Meanwhile, development at Apogee goes on as usual. We are glad to present the web site of the Arvanitidis Winery:

Arvanitidis Winery was created in 1999 by the agronomist Thanassis Arvanitidis and his brother George.

Today, the privately owned vineyard covers an area of 5 ha and is steadily expanding. The aim of the owners is to vinify grapes only from privately owned vineyards, in order to fully control their quality

Project details:
Client: Arvanidis Winery
Description: Bilingual content site, backed with Apogee Essence CMS
Design: Redfish
Development: Apogee

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