3rd European CAF Event: CAF Inspiring Change
From: 21 October 2009
To: 23 October 2009
Committee meetings
From: 29 September 2009
To: 30 September 2009

Top Public Managers in Europe
18 September 2009
European Primer on Customer Satisfaction
16 September 2009
Project: Respa
19 August 2009
Project: Arvanitidis Winery
26 July 2009
Project: The Art of Dreaming
06 April 2009

Links: European Organisations

The Links section allows users to create a library of resources for co-participants, especially of resources that are commonly and maybe even daily needed for everyone's work. When the list grows, it might prove relevant for administrators to organise it into categories to assist participants of the company or organization in retrieving the right information immediately. Users may edit owned links to re-assign them into new existing categories. The description field can be used to give pre-information on the target webpages but also to describe what participants can expect when they access a particular link.

Please note that the company or organization owning the website will be the sole decision-maker concerning its Useful Links section.


AEBR – Association of European Border Regions
AER – Assembly of European Regions
CEMR – Council of European Municipalities and Regions
COE – Council of Europe: Congress of Local and Regional Authorities
COR – Committee of the Regions
CORDIS - Community Research and Development Information Service
CPMR – Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions
ESPON – European Spatial Planning Observation Network
ESPRID – European Spatial Planning Information Database
EUCC – The Coastal Union
EURADA – Association of Regional Development Agencies
EUROCITIES – The Network of major European Cities
IRC Network - Innovation Relay Centres
IRE - Innovating regions in Europe
METREX – European Metropolitan Regions and Areas
Nordregio – Nordic Centre for Spatial Development
NorVision - A Spatial Perspective for the North Sea Region
REGI - Committee of the European Parliament on Regional Development
The North Sea Commission
United Cities and Local Governments

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