3rd European CAF Event: CAF Inspiring Change
From: 21 October 2009
To: 23 October 2009
Committee meetings
From: 29 September 2009
To: 30 September 2009

Top Public Managers in Europe
18 September 2009
European Primer on Customer Satisfaction
16 September 2009
Project: Respa
19 August 2009
Project: Arvanitidis Winery
26 July 2009
Project: The Art of Dreaming
06 April 2009

Partner network

Apogee Essence partner programme, supports partner universities, organizations or companies with the success stories, expertise, marketing and training material in order to provide quality service to collaborators or customers, worldwide. Our partners are grouped in:

  • System integrators who have the responsibility of providing consulting, integration and migration services for the Essences WCMS. Each System Integrator has trained Apogee people in their teams.
  • Solution Partners & OEMs who either embed Apogee Essence into their products directly or provide complementary solutions to the WCMS. Any solution is certified by Apogee to ensure the quality and compatibility of these applications.
  • Technology Partners supply clients with the platforms and infrastructure needed for using Apogee applications. These solutions are also certified and qualified to work smoothly within an Apogee environment.
  • Research Partners having same targets bring added value with new technological solutions, to keep Apogee Essence on the top of customers' appreciation.

Our partners, are supported by Apogee to the maximum, since they are a significant part of philosophy. Maintaining our integrity, quality and commitment to success we are ready to develop strategic partnerships.

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