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Essence overview

Apogee Essence: Web Site Management System


Putting the internet to our partners' best service, Apogee International offers you every means that will guarantee you to profit most from your company's presence on the Web.

With many years of experience in software applications development, we offer complete solutions for Web Content Management Systems. Our applications fulfill proven quality-standards and they have been chosen by top firms and organisations across Europe for promotional, developmental and partnership purposes.

Since the Web stands out as the most flexible work environment of today, Apogee focuses on web-based applications, primarily covering the fields of Web Content Management Systems (WCMS) and Project Management internet tools. Structured with a modular perspective the applications we design for you combine all necessary functionalities of an administrative, promotional or coordinating nature into a single work environment.

Artefacts of our work include WCMS-systems for the management of simple websites to all-inclusive portals with added features, such as online shopping applications, secure registration systems and newsletter editing applications.


The above image illustrates the view that allows to add pages and their contents. The "Title" will be displayed as title of the page, "Parent Menu" allows to group and order pages and URL allows to attribute a specific webpage.




Apogee allows to create as many user names as necessary. The attribution of specific contact details can help in streamlining publishing and editing processes.


When uploading files or pictures or documents, they will be stored in a repository illustrated above.



The editor allows many different operations in one window. For example, a special feature is to copy from Words to ensure that the text formatting is remains intact. Also, it is possible to highlight the entire text. Identation, font style and type can be chosen directly. Also, the tree icon allows to insert images via the repository and to determine caption and formatting.


In conclusion, Apogee Essence is user-friendly and easy to use and can be further customized to perfectly fit your needs.